Irish Naturalist Programming

England may have David Attenborough and Australia may have crocodile trainers, but Ireland too has a Catholic naturalist with a warm spot for the wilderness. Historically, they’ve been chaplains praying for the injured and the gravely wounded on the battlefield, but in my new series, you can follow me on my travels through my native North America, where I wear a rosemary beads and a cross and clear shrubs with the power of God and faith alone. I spot American deer hunters in camouflage and whisper to the camera while predicting their next move. I compare bears at the edge of a salmon-leaping stream to factory foremen, and I pursue jackrabbits with love-struck awe to no avail. My journey takes me through Wisconsin to the north, and west to Minnesota, where I traverse some of the densest forests of the Midwest. My high definition footage of timberwolves and moon-illuminated streams are not to be missed. More than 2 hours of Blu-ray content can be delivered to you for less than $7 shipped. The package comes sealed with a blessing from the Catholic church. Produced by a Catholic surrogate, an Italian taking on the responsibilities of an Irish documentary, meeting the same standards of northern European filmmaking, and Southern hemispheric broadcasting.


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