I have a thinking problem

When I read about jobs that a pay a salary that I wouldn’t even have imagined I’m capable of, I realize when it comes to understand what makes me different from those who expect those positions, is that I can’t think that high. I think high of all sorts of things, but salary isn’t one of them, realistically. Why? It beats me. Some force in the universe did a poor, botched job at teaching me to want something that pays so well. It’s not that I can’t imagine making a lot of money, but the disconnect between the love and “for the money” is always miles apart. A passion can be linked to a career, but I don’t believe half the people who look at me with disdain when I wonder what makes certain jobs worthy of such salaries. In many ways, they are right, because they’ve never been beaten down to the point where they learned to appreciate priceless modesty. It’s possible I have some form of brain damage for thinking I could be a frugal person, when really I am dependent and getting by with support (but not an income). Yet no job I’ve ever had has made me want to make more money, and through necessity that may change. However, The problem isn’t those who want to spend more on the left and those who want to spend less on the right. The words of the left are great in theory and needs to be clearly defined in practice while the words on the right are wrong in theory and in practice. A truly austere person would not want an austere government, but would find peace in tedious, but ascetic diets and entertainment. A person who isn’t even searching for peace for the majority of his time is going to be largely, largely disappointed. Not referring to ambition, but leisure in the absence of a ally. I have a disdain for snobbery, arrogance, haughtiness, as they are indicators of gaps in intelligence glazed over for subjective purposes. Cramped topics being the occupation of lower castes, and apparently grander fields the subject of royalty. What’s enlightening to an arrogant person is tedious to a person of lower caste, and it’s not because jargon is inaccessible or unintelligible, but frankly, harder to admit by those who have never had to admit failure at a life experience. High status is more fiercely defended in common conversation, because clever people are most able to bend the language like light rays in to a direction of alignment that cowards afraid to challenge the status quo would never tamper with. Life assumes with all prior knowledge, yet in converstion, those assumptions are constantly examined. Conversation is necessary but too radical for most. The 20th Century has led to a large expansion of higher education but not much in the most traditional and pragmatic form of education, which is a rigorous and transformative period of critical thought and reflective maturation, that too often disappears in society after the “bare essentials” are deemed no longer needed. Creativity and competence are both necessary traits of survival, but the fact that they must go through singular communication channels signifies that one or the other will always have conflicts in their own definitions. The devil is in the details, and the definition of devil varies by denomination. The first reason to respect diversity is that talents exist in many different forms, and one should always question one’s own talents when questioning another’s. 

In other news, you know you’re lazy if you can’t twerk.


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