Softies, Hard Asses, and Morons

Hardasses are not wiser than softies. Softies have a different way of thinking. A hardass is only hard. Isn’t able to be soft. To an inane level of incompetence. Hardasses are favored by other hardasses. They tend to get ahead by being a hardass at all times. This creates an airtight circle of society that is impervious to softies. Softies are left out and only form 12% of Congress. The cycle of life is such that there will always be more hardasses than softies, and too little attention is given to personal development because of differential treatment to like-minded asses. I sometimes wonder: Who are my friends? The conservative answer is: no one, while the liberal answer is anyone. Most people fall somewhere in between. Myopia is a condition of having short-sightedness from, by definition, unforeseen circumstances. It cannot be prevented without preternatural understanding of the road ahead. Some mechanism of seeing within the range of vision and extrapolating the implications allows some who make inferences to have a better grasp on the future than others. The tools of Diderot include induction and deduction, a system of reasoning and scoping bidirectionally to integrate and extract knowledge from events for use towards recurring situations. These actions allow an organism to learn and adapt rather than remain stunted and undeveloped. Induce, Deduce, rinse, and repeat, or forever remain naive. Return to naiveté only for situations that benefit you. Feel free to add comments to this.


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