If I became famous…

Things would probably be a lot easier- if I need little privacy. I realize I don’t always like being alone, not validated, but at the same time obscurity has its worth. I would be happy as a podcaster, unknown to many yet familiar and meaningful. I read articles by people of influence and wonder, what is it that I don’t have that I can’t do? Is it simply an accomplishment that becomes discovered? I think it’s more than that- dedication- something too, that depends on a purpose or motivation- something that I think is still not yet clear in the long term. But prosperity and wealth is a simple idea to see the benefits, and its’ something to pursue with an ordinary effort. What sets me apart from those who I think are successful is a lack of consistency. Downtimes, delays, detours, dreary days. Those days pass, yet new ones come into existence. It doesn’t feel like a struggle as often as it used to be, yet I don’t see myself as on a path towards high profile fame- not that it’s essential, but means that I won’t have it the easiest, and not many do. What I need to do, is focus on being patient with the things I want to do and not get angry for regretting things. I have to enjoy my time spent on creative things that have no immediate rewards. I have to plan for the long term- finding a job, but at the same time I will never be happy if I don’t realize my dreams, which are not always synonymous with my future job.


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