My hope for a future political climate

All eras have come and gone. So I like to remind myself that the era from the 1980s to the present may transform into a different era that perhaps solves at least some of the anxieties facing the dominant conversation in a hyper-polarized political climate. It’s been so long I feel like 30 years is near the long-edge of a generation- for example the post war era 1945-1971 (post-war economy; civil rights, vietnam); 1970-2001, or 1980-2008, (economics and 3rd-Red Scare, terrorism) (and 1970-1980: energy crisis, globalization). Looking back- there was the interim WWI-WWII era (1917-1939), and the roosevelt era (1890-1917: end of reconstruction, neo-imperialism), (1865-1889: Reconstruction), 1825-1860 (post Jackson, pre Abolition), (1776-1824: Federalism…). What will the 2010-2040 be like? Less terrorism, more social mobility, more high speed trains, less air travel, more renewable electricity, more superconductors. more affordable healthcare, more exercise, less diabetes/obesity, more elderly patients. less transportation congestion, more local production of goods.


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