Y’all can go get help cuz you need help

Remember when you need help you want to get help because the help isn’t going to fall from the sky even though the help is from the sky. Don’t forget to ask for help and know where to look for help and remember to help other people too. Pass the help along and the help will arrive soon enough. We all must hang together or we shall hang separately. You don’t want to be hanging alone and not because hanging together is more fun. it’s just a polite thing to do, to not give people too much rope and not not take too much rope, and paradoxically the slave who doesn’t feel the buckle is the one that doesn’t resist. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rebel but doesn’t mean we should jump in the well. Peril’s purpose is to petrify; if it doesn’t prompt you to pensiveness then its power is lost on you, the maverick. Lots of potential to progress and lots of detours to digress. Pick up the fork in the road and pitch a tent; light up a s’more and be on your way.Teach yourself to fish and be onto your retirement.


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