The Conquest of Humor

Contemporary society has only one superpower as a empire similar to the likes of Ancient Rome and Persia, but an entirely different empire is also afoot. The fall of hermit kingdoms is not due to lack of manpower or wealth. It’s due to the blind spot that humor is after. Humor is not just a 21st century pandemic, it’s the agent that makes the 21st century turn the page. It’s bust for all established epidemiologists, and a boon for all emerging virologists. Humor sits on a throne of no peers. It has no gender either, just in case you were wondering.  Humor is actually an aftereffect of conflict. It does not begin or intentionally seek dominance. Rather, it emerges from the attempt at dominance, rather than the success of a pre-emptive perpetrator. Humor is a defense of complacency of all that is good and non-aggressive. Humor is not just a clear and present danger. It is an imminent threat that must be dealt with accordingly: embracement. Humor will be the world’s sole superpower in the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd century. Only humor knows what lies after that.  The base of Humor is located at the Alps. The Alps are as short as it gets when it comes to quips. And alliteration (used here also as a 2nd quip).


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