What is Conspicuous Conflict?

Conspicuous conflict is when you read the news, and there is a story that’s always floating on top of all the other stories; it sticks out like an embarrassing thumb; no one knows why it still goes on but the parties involved are all seriously affected. Before I describe my observations more, I want to imagine that I am i a situation where my life is frequently being reported on; the details and gossip of my personal life serialized on the tabloids like tacky cosmetic surgery options. I probably would wish for a very different narrative and image than the one that is being plasticized. If we were to assume for a second, that front page news is not something foreign, but everywhere; then only those who happen to be on the front lines are the first victims. This is not to say that those on the front lines and front page are random and innocent, but that their issue is one that could affect many other peopleĀ and is simply a matter of time that is stopping more scrutiny in the back rows.


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