Rehab for everyone.

If you’re like me and are wondering how you can improve your life, first identify something in your life that has caused a problem. Whether it prevented you from achieving a goal or destroyed a relationship, identifying and admitting an addiction is your first objective. The second step is to look for an alternative activity, one that captures 60% or 70% of the the thrill of a harmful addiction, without all the side effects and mind altering intoxication. The idea is to adopt an activity that may have predated the addiction; in my case there were several sports that I played but cared little for since then. The objective is to reinforce good habits and behaviors and deeply explore the activities that were not as initially appealing but can be with a little research and patience to Practice said activity. Humans are not so extraordinarily complex such as to require boutique hobbies, but they are complex enough to require moderately complex hobbies. Idleness is never healthy. Gaming is not a healthy hobby. Reading alone is neither. Exercise is a vital aspect of a balanced lifestyle. Exercise requires certain discipline and regiments. Exercise is also a positive activity that prevents the body from becoming too neglectful of the body’s physical needs. Natural needs are innate but they can be dulled into insensitivity and insubordination due to gluttonous habits, which includes underexcercised muscles. The purpose of exercise is not to bodybuild steroidal physiques, but to keep the body’s circulatory system flowing as normal, which appears to lower with age, although high blood pressure can cause the opposite effect. While it is important not to have low nor high blood pressure, it is all too easy to find foods with lots of salt, and high blood pressure is a greater risk and something to be avoided.

Exercise may come easy to regulars, but to the uninitiated it will appear as foreign as rocket science. It is important to find something in life that first helps you. You can do all the rest. All too often I feel like I wake up and think I’m not doing my best. But my attitude is often at it’s most positive and it’s merely the opinions of several others that make themselves heard, which are not going to help much at this career stage in life. Ducking from career questions can’t go on forever. My career plans need only to be unhindered and, while I am a heavy critic myself; I have many critics, much more than I think my critics do.


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