What A Difference A Day Makes

What an amazing Dorothy. You look so much like her in a very special way! Stellar idea and performance.

Charlotte Hoather

Dido-And-Aeneast Dido And Aeneas

When I was at school for one week at Easter, we used to spend four days on a performance workshop at Stagecoach theatre arts school. In just four days we memorised lines, song and dance routines, learned how to get along with lots of new children. The team of Directors; Sue, Jo, Zoe and Jan worked hard together with us all to create a final show. It was absolutely brilliant. It was also fantastic training for my memory, a great introduction to stage craft and allowed me to quickly learn dance routines. We put on abridged versions of The Wizard of Oz, Oliver and Mary Poppins to name just three.

I thought of this on Saturday when I was called by the Director of the RCS Opera Project to ask to stand in to perform the part of ‘The First Witch’ in the Henry Purcell opera ‘Dido…

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