There are books being written about the decline of the young white male

I can’t say I agree with this, nor can I disagree with this. I merely am writing to react, which is better than being passive about it I think. It’s easy to label a post gynophobic or simply reactionary, but I’d also like to write from the point of view as a young human, not just a young male. It’s a stereotype that tells an easy story, a partially true story, but one that has many exceptions to the rule that the more a story focuses on a profile, the less accurate it becomes. It’s wrong to make broad assumptions about a young generation, much like it’s wrong to make assumptions about an older generation. It’s better to look at fine examples of youthful idealism portrayed in the media. Let’s look at Moonrise Kingdom. The director is certainly middle-aged, certainly not a young male, and yet he has nothing but reverence for the young male. I am not going to be young for much longer, but it doesn’t mean we should change our views of a demographic which appears to be declining when historically youth has always gone through struggles that are no different than those of today. The only difference may be access to arms that were not available 200 years ago. If a profile were to be made, it would be that of arm-owner, rather than a biological inheritance. It would be easy to spin this post as misogynistic, but it’s more about gun control. So, i’m not the ordinary white male because i don’t think anyone should own an arm, but that’s not politically correct nor “realistic”. Of course, my ideal is that other people’s reality turn into my idealism. Literally if we were able to eradicate polio, we could eradicate arm ownership. Until then, arm ownership (like HIV) and its effect -violence (AIDS) is and will continue to be treated as pandemic.


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