If Hilary were President

How would America change if Hilary were president? Let me first give you an example of a stereotypical Male Utah Republican reacting to Bernie Sanders as president:

Male Utah Republican’s assistant: “Boss, you are now required by law to pay your employees $9 an hour instead of $7 an hour.”

Male Utah Republican: “Whaaa?!!! Aww, %&^$!”

And if Hilary were President?

Male Utah Republican’s assistant: “Boss, President Clinton will be having dinner at your house tonight.”

Male Utah Republican: “A woman???!!!! Tommy! Throw out those empty beer bottles. Jeremy! Take a shower! Where’s my Dapper Dan pomade? A woman is coming to my house tonight! Gotta clean up!”

See how unexpected that would be- we aren’t forced to change unless we become more self-conscious of our patriarchy.


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