Accomplishments in my life as of late

The life I am living is substantially different from that of my parents. Standards and expectations can be compared across generations, but it becomes less productive as constants become clearer in  my differences. Writing about everything personal is just part of making life less mysterious. The rest is discovering something shared and personal. My accomplishments in life are constantly under self-review and I haven’t given up on something great. I’ve simply relocated to a more rural suburb, because I need more time to think, to experience on my own, while finding a reasonable opportunity in doing so. I feel like my thoughts have gotten lost in a shared dialogue, one that I’m not entirely sure about or have the analytical abilities to ever understand. I have a mindset that is not geographically defined, but maybe that is part of the problem. Not all thoughts and lifestyles are, but as long as there is a means to explore my thoughts, perhaps my opportunities can develop. I am becoming more protective of my needs, while still retaining a great interest in looking for ways to find a niche role in whatever I do. My ideas need a place and a display or storefront, and I’ve been exploring ways to best express it. I recently had an epiphany where I returned to drawing webcomics with a more open world theme. As a medium of choice,  comics blend both the written word and visual arts on a sedate sheet of paper as a beginning, while active and developed thoughts can be illustrated in a cross-section format. “Between the lines” has a cousin in comics-between the tiles, or frames. I use a lot of cliche dream imagery-clouds, idealistic protagonists, and fantasyland settings, but that is only a starting point for conveying the dream reality I am trying to create. And all creativity is a reality. What’s different is copying it down on paper, since it would never become a reality if it just bounced around in my thoughts forever. Comics offers a way out. Thoughts become words, words become comics, comics stay comics, because comics think some actions are overdone. And comics are better than thoughts that can’t be shared.


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