Economists predict Miley Cyrus will remain hot until 2021.

Economists at Moody’s credit rating agency have made projections for 2016 and then next five years regarding Miley Cyrus’s hotness. While Miley Cyrus remains internationally popular and admired, to say the least, they predict her hotness will slightly dip in 2021, where she will be in her late 20s. While many Hollywood actresses and musicians have been rated hot well into their 40s such as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2, Miley Cyrus’s hotness and her decline may be due not to her own aging but to the emerging attention deficit of the millenial generation. Her most popular fans- not the baby boomers but the Generation Y and Zs, will age alongside her and potentially develop, if left untreated, dementia and amnesia. Thus, The Alzheimer’s foundation of America has contributed funds to pop culture researchers who will be the record keepers of contemporary hotness in 2016, so that they can present the results and archived documents at a presentation tentatively scheduled for 2021- a global summit on climate and human hotness. They will compare popular celebrities that year, and remind others who was hot in 2016. Moody’s backed up the Alzheimer’s investment with a triple A rating.


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