Creative Juices: Transcendent Synthesis

Writing is an unpredictable process for me. I prefer it this way, in fact. I write when I think it is meaningful, and I write when I am feeling on to something, even when I don’t know where it will lead to. The latter applies here, but not just because the former applies. When both apply, it is much more special. What stimulates the creative juices is important, but also the stratification/estrangement from it. I’ve read that cities/urban spaces affect the artist towards their interest/intent, and this is no exception. It is, however, an analogy. What begins as a pun or tragedy could end as a farce. The pun began upon watching a rom-com. A thought rushed to my head, much like an artist overcoming writer’s block: “I’ll date any of my exes again- except the bat-shit crazy ones.” And I thought that because, pun-intended, bats are hard to come by- they live in caves up a sinuous creek north along the Hudson rail lines. If one wanted to court Batman/woman, they’d have to tolerate/survive his octogenerian chauffeur’s pre-GPS memory of Yonkers’s rural county roads. And that, is grounds for a DMV road test/vitality failure. The initial joke- making fun of batshit exes-like me (omitted previously), is in essence, becomes a raison d’etre for writing unpredictably. I enjoy writing most when creative juices sound most coherent, and thus, perhaps now I can transition into a second, related paragraph.

Remembering a comedy club compilation of chosen comics in NYC- The Pit Comedy Club, in particular, among some of the few sampled gem venues for open mic’ers, I recall a sketch about a Brooklynite father feeding pizza to an infant under 12 months, referencing insular “landlubber” logic as the prevailing flaw of contemporary diet- pizza-rich in fat and carbs, is too starchy for an infant requiring Wiz formulas, the reasoning follows, and proceeded to sketch about an East Coaster who was more backwoods than cosmopolitan.

Facilitating towards the next paragraph, is a movie I skimmed on HBO today- “The Heart of the Sea”- a Moby Dick-esque remake of some 19th century myth/true story, that elicited a creative juice- another pun -that of journalistic/public safety emergency terminologies- “fluid situation” and “evolving situation” used in early breaking news stories during major national tragedies (shooting sprees, acts of terrorism, or both). If the joke is on fluid situations, risky commercial fishermen take the cake- or so it seems. All trades have their own perils- aquatic-based ones have literal phenomena that run crass against journalistic sayings that have nearly lost all etymology. This awareness is a creative stimulant in itself, yet could be applied towards other introspective issues in society, and, is the focus of this blog post.

Peace in.




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