I enjoy overly broad generalizations that mean nothing sometimes.

Like, “I bet you can find all sorts of people, anywhere.”

I’m also anti-figurative at times. Like, “People don’t come from all walks of life.” There are those who walk silly, those who hop, those who stamp up and down. Those who turn in place like a corkscrew, those who swing their hips when they walk, and others who thrust with their steps. The enjoyment is not against the idea of walking casually, but the lack of thought that seems to be apparent in the usage of the term, walks of life. Many ideologically opposed clans would probably prefer not to be seen walking side-by-side on a street even though it would says little about their beliefs. Everyone walks, but everyone balks at admitting commonalities.

Of course, admitting some commonalities doesn’t mean all differences should also be compatible, although striving to discover more commonalities can definitely deescalate a hot political climate.


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