A tender heart is the strongest heart

Fear is the heart’s worst enemy. Fear, when unfounded, paralyzes the heart’s most essential function: tender, blind, and unconditional love. Fear has all the attributes of a persuasive rationale that offers to serve as the guardian actor for all the heart’s actions. Instead of following one’s heart, one is tempted to follow the shroud that fear attempts to cover over a heart. Resisting fear requires eternal vigilance, and thus eternal engagement with the heart’s true senses. When a heart is covered from its eyes, ears and from operating its moral compass, it is led astray to a path that is not viable. A heart needs a lifelong road to follow, and fear is like a tornado that temporarily lifts a heart with a false promise to safely reach a much longer destination. The more we can trust a proven and time-tested guide, the heart’s own periphery senses, the more a heart can reach a place where it needs to be. A mature heart can distinguish outside fear from universal love and thus the function serves others as well as one’s own.


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