Why do religious people have clean houses?

A: because God is in the details.


Racists are foolish to discriminate- just consider the fact that some of the top-rated porn stars have backgrounds that would be discriminated against.  An attack against a race is an attack against us all.

Liberals are not all born, but made

The nature of political leanings is a curious aspect of politics itself. My innate instincts cause me to be somewhat boorish. I feel like liberal thought is something only achieved through daily study, because it is not a way of thinking that can be born with. I think that if I did not think, I would be conservative, but because liberalism has a system to gather ideas and teach them, that it allows one who is not innate in the beliefs of liberalism to practice them. Liberalism is both a practice and a study, and therefore challenging for some. I learn something new every day, and this is why I learn from liberalism.