Green is the green that keeps on greening.

I didn’t know how green I could green while greening green. It takes a lot of green to green and green. Fortunately, there’s a lot of green to green. Green was green before green,  but there’s still green to green. Gladly green. I wouldn’t green any other way.


I want to be Yoda, Gandalf, Shrek, and other Green Men living forever in a state of retreated wisdom

My life has matured quickly. I haven’t always wanted to grow up, but when it came, I wanted it to be as youthful as possible, which is why I am most compatible with the color and symbolism of green. Green is not just an idea, but a lifestyle that simplifies decision-making. Green is a part of religion that basically blots out distractions from the mind. Green is a form of meditation in living memory. Green is an active intellectual pursuit in the mind of greenlessness. Green is a foodstuff for the exercising mind. Green is an energy source and a building material. Green is a shelter and a blanket. Green is a pervasive and perspicacious tangible that makes all things possible. Green is a future that lluminates the road ahead. Green is not above a gutter. Green is the core of existence. Green is not above other colors. Green is a humble life partner. Green is a person you can call at any hour and is awake at anytime.  Green is yesterday, the past, today, the present, and tomorrow, the future.