debates in the United States Feb 13th

Ted Cruz has no less than five chiseled face bones and cartilage- three on the nose and two on the chin
Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon who is now a hippie
John Kasich is a grandfather who just heard of Facebook
Jeb Bush is three seconds behind whatever’s happening on stage
Marco Rubio is balder than Donald Trump
Donald Trump pauses after every statement to sound quasi-thoughtful.


If Hilary were President

How would America change if Hilary were president? Let me first give you an example of a stereotypical Male Utah Republican reacting to Bernie Sanders as president:

Male Utah Republican’s assistant: “Boss, you are now required by law to pay your employees $9 an hour instead of $7 an hour.”

Male Utah Republican: “Whaaa?!!! Aww, %&^$!”

And if Hilary were President?

Male Utah Republican’s assistant: “Boss, President Clinton will be having dinner at your house tonight.”

Male Utah Republican: “A woman???!!!! Tommy! Throw out those empty beer bottles. Jeremy! Take a shower! Where’s my Dapper Dan pomade? A woman is coming to my house tonight! Gotta clean up!”

See how unexpected that would be- we aren’t forced to change unless we become more self-conscious of our patriarchy.