A time to be better

The political climate of the United States is at it’s worst in my lifetime of over 30 years. I have not seen many decades or of course, centuries, but it seems that giving a platform to those who seek to deny the voice of others seems most counterintuitive. It seems that some are unwittingly claiming to be fair, and others are wittingly clear of their intentions. This clear conflict has many fronts across the entire country. But to minimize conflict, I feel it is best to redirect our discussions to forums and blogs, rather than physical rallies. Rallies accomplish nothing but stir the pot with fuel. Speeches also accomplish nothing. The issue today is an emerging capability of distributed media to be used not to communicate but simply to engage in thinly veiled warfare. A debate is not constructive. A dialectic allows people to reach commonalities and negotiate a peace. The problem with certain topics is that some cannot be negotiated for one reason or another. Yet, it is better to try than for others to isolate themselves and feel different. No one is much different than others. Hateful speech is like radioactive material. It must be contained to a a space where it can be handled by responsible and mature people, who can work towards equality. Hateful speech is all but a manmade mistake. Where it already exists, it must be cautiously avoided. It does not sprout like a nutritious fruit. It is cancerous, like tobacco.


Liberals are not all born, but made

The nature of political leanings is a curious aspect of politics itself. My innate instincts cause me to be somewhat boorish. I feel like liberal thought is something only achieved through daily study, because it is not a way of thinking that can be born with. I think that if I did not think, I would be conservative, but because liberalism has a system to gather ideas and teach them, that it allows one who is not innate in the beliefs of liberalism to practice them. Liberalism is both a practice and a study, and therefore challenging for some. I learn something new every day, and this is why I learn from liberalism.